Jul. 24th, 2011

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PhotobucketIt was a good week for...

...Making connections with another Burris researcher through the Burris DNA Project. We don't seem to be able to connect our dots yet - hers start in North and South Carolina though, so there is hope. Her family is descended through Solomon Burriss. Her husband was a 12/12 marker match for my father.

...My car guys, who got a chunk of change from me for replacement of my front struts. They'll make out well next week, too, because on the way home Friday from the shop, I started hearing my squealer on my right front brake.

That's what my son calls it. He says it means to get my butt back to the car guys.

...The United States Navy, whose representatives at the memorial service for my Uncle Tommy last Monday exemplified the dignity and compassion of members of our armed services who provide the military portions of funerals and memorial services.

Those men were outstanding.
PhotobucketIt was a bad week for...

...The American flying public, as illustrated by what happened to Thomas Sawyer, at the Detroit Metro Airport.


Sawyer, a survivor of bladder cancer, wears a urostomy bag. Last November, TSA screeners in Detroit handled him so roughly that the seal on the bag broke, and he wound up with urine on his clothing. He says they haven't learned anything in the last 8 months, even though TSA Chief John Pistole apologized to him in a phone call in late November. Pistole told Sawyer he would speak with TSA supervisors to determine what kind of training needed to be provided to TSA screeners.

Methinks they cannot hear you, Chief Pistole...maybe they need some piss on them to get the point.

...People, animals and plants in Arkansas - the drought continues and it's showing even in large, mature trees. Today is quite overcast and humid, and if it means rain, I'm good with it.

The journey is good, but the heat is stifling...



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