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Planning major revisions to the aquascaping in all four tanks.

Plants will ship on Tuesday for Friday delivery to my door.

I'm taking off Friday at noon.
But this morning, I had water changes to do.

Betcha didn't know I was an aqua chemist.

 photo 100_3001.jpg

The bubbles on the tips of the cabomba are CO2. This is called pearling.

 photo 100_3004.jpg

Naturally, Dubya had to be in the photo, because he is...Dubya.
I love this piece of cholla with the marimo moss tied to it. But it just takes up too much real estate in the 20, 10 and nano, so I moved it to the goldfish tank.

 photo 100_3006.jpg

Where it looks like it will be stripped clean by Gypsy...

 photo 100_3008.jpg

Have been soaking some pieces of driftwood for each tank for two weeks in anticipation of the new scaping.

Today, I went ahead and tied the anubias in the goldfish tank to their driftwood, put it in the tank, and weighted it down with a rock.

 photo 100_3007.jpg

It takes about two hours to do water changes and maintenance on all the tanks.

There's a peacefulness about the process that makes it less like a chore. I check plants and fish. Gypsy bumps my hand constantly prompting me for food. (No, he doesn't get any...)
The journey is good.

Nature grounds me.

Now, for the real chores...


Date: 2013-03-04 10:13 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] captain_catgut
So you're saying that your fish tanks are getting betta and betta?



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