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I hate upgrading cell phones.

I know some people love it - some of them upgrade every few months, whether they need a new phone or not.

I'm just not that much of a techno-geek.

But yesterday, I decided to upgrade my Nokia EX 71 - primarily because the battery is not holding a charge for as long as I need it to, and sometimes when I am working, I do not have handy access to an outlet to recharge.

You can't get batteries for those phones anymore - at least not from trustworthy places. I'm not willing to shell out $30 for a battery and whatever for shipping and find out I've got a dud that has no warranty.

I love the phone. I work the hell out of the note and calendar apps. But I had gotten to the point where I was limiting my talk time on the basis of availability of an electrical outlet.

Not cool.

And I've been eligible for an upgrade for months.
When I get ready to upgrade, I always cruise the net and read reviews, and talk to my friends and acquaintances about how they like their phones.

I'd settled on an HTC Inspire. I knew with any upgrade I would *have* to pay for a data package, so it made sense to be able to work the hell out of it, too.

My cell phone provider - AT&T - had them on its website for $99. Best Buy has them for $79. In stock. Best Buy is a block and a half from the AT&T store. (I do not buy cell phones on the internet.)

So I set out for my afternoon of fun...
The AT&T store had one customer and seven sales reps when I got there, so I didn't even have to sign in.

I told the sweet young thing what I wanted and she showed me the phone features. The sign said it was $99, and the customary $18 transfer fee.

I said she would have to do better than that. She said, regretfully, she couldn't. I told her - hon, we do this about every three years. Either I get the phone for the price I want, or I walk. Which ever one of you nice young sales people has me goes and gets a manager.

She said she'd get her manager.
An impeccably dressed man about my age with a touch of a British accent came to see me at the sweet young thing's sales desk.

I explained what I wanted.

Oh, he said, We don't ever do price matching with Best Buy.

Okay, I said as I slung my bag over my shoulder and turned to walk away.

But, he said (in a louder tone to my back), I can knock $20 off this phone for you...

Done deal.
So last night, I played with my new phone. Downloaded a bunch of music from my laptop to it, and created playlists.

Went to re-create my lists and notes, which couldn't be transferred from the old phone.

No. Note. App.


I recommend Note Everything. It's a free download and you can get it through the Market on the phone, or from any of the websites that have it, as long as you de-select "unknown" from your download application...
The journey is good.

There are those games with semantics.
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It was another one of *those* weeks at work.

If you can believe it - and I have a hard time with this one myself - things are getting worse at the Arkansas State Hospital instead of better.

But the document gathering portion of the Medicaid fraud investigation is complete, and the Arkansas Department of Health is still on-site to see if the horrors I've described in my complaint to them warrant action against the hospital's license.

We continue to pressure Justice to come on down...

I got my subpoena for a TRO hearing from the attorney who has filed the class action against the hospital. June 16 is the day.

When my granddaughters were here last weekend while their daddy was on Grammy's roof, Jayden followed me into the woods to dump the wheelbarrow a couple of times.

At first, she was scared of the woods, so we went slow and I pointed things out to her - there's the nest for the baby cardinals in that shouldn't touch that plant, it's poison ivy...there's poison oak, and so on.

She was excited to discover a patch of honeysuckle in bloom, vines tumbling over each other in a riotous, scented mass.

Grammy, I can touch that one! I can even pick Daddy says so. Those are honey knuckles.

You sure can, Jayden...but I think you mean honeysuckle.

My Daddy says they are honey knuckles.

All righty then...honey knuckles they are.

Just had a visit from Comcast.

To pick up my equipment. The reason for my outage this past Tuesday was just as I suspected.

The tech doing the new install next door disconnected mine from the pole while he was installing the new service - my neighbor and I share a pole.

And the lead tech that Marsha sent out that night - there were two of them - couldn't wrap his brain around that possibility.

No...first he needed to rip through one of my perennial borders and get under my house to see what was wrong with my cable connection under the floor.

And was an arrogant SOB when I objected to that being his first course of action before he checked the connection at the pole.

I emailed Marsha - using my AT&T 4G, since I had no cable - while he was rooting around under the house and told her I was sending their damned equipment back with him, after he repaired his damage to my perennial border.

When he got out from under the house and went to check the pole, he then had to come into the house to admit I was right all along.

And was still a snotty little shit while he was doing it.

So I told him to go ahead and start unhooking the equipment, and to make sure and tell Marsha he was the largest part of the reason that $1,600+ a year just evaporated.

He refused.

Another email to Marsha to tell her to schedule that call for today.

And do not send Mr. Personality back to my house ever again.

Dish Network will be at the cottage for their install on Monday.

I was going to go with AT&T U-Verse, but I live literally on the wrong side of the tracks.

There isn't any AT&T U-Verse TV service out here. Although there is for part of my zip code...the part less than 3/4 of mile away from me, but on the right side of the tracks.

The chick on the phone for AT&T asked me to "keep checking back with them to see when it becomes available."

I laughed. She wanted to know what was funny.

I told her I figured that line was just part of her script, but I wasn't going to keep checking back, and the provider I selected would probably have a contract period similar to hers, so maybe AT&T ought to check back with me.

In a couple of years.

The journey is good.



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