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After triple digit air temps earlier this week, we are having a brief respite. And the humdity is much lower, too.

chicks on my hens - I love the purple of these leaves, and the little tiny teeth on the edges of the leaves that must have some purpose.

 photo chicksonhens063013.jpg

grandchick chair on the front porch

 photo grandchickchair.jpg

the bloom only lasts for a day, but it is sensational while it's there

 photo daylily063013.jpg

salvinia minima in the pond - look at the tiny little hairs on top of the leaves

 photo salvinia063013.jpg


 photo lotusandlily063013.jpg

nymphaea Sioux lily - the mottled leaf color is stunning to me. I can't wait to see the bloom.

 photo lily063013.jpg

 photo 063013.jpg
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Since I can't garden outside yet, I ordered some succulents to pot indoors from an Etsy seller.

From whom I will never buy another thing. But that's another story...

Part of the deal was - buy 10 potted succulents, her choice of a mix of 6. So that means you get some that are the same.

So I spent some time IDing the ones in her photo on her ad.

And wasted that time.

Because only 3 were any of the ones in her photo.
So now, I have spent some more time IDing what I actually got.

And this is where you come in...

First, let's start with the aloe I got from Lowes before I got the box of incredibly poorly packed succulents from the Etsy seller.

 photo Lowesaloe.jpg

Now, the rest are from the Etsy seller.

I think this is some sort of agave.

 photo agave.jpg

And I think this is a sempervivum.

 photo sempervivum.jpg

And I have no idea on any of the 3 of these, which I put in one pot (and may not oughta be in one pot). The largest one has a visible stem that I planted above the soil line.

 photo IDusethis.jpg

If you have suggestions, please comment.
The journey is good.

And it's even better when you can review an online sale...


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