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My sub-tropical and tropical sundews (drosera) in the terrarium for year round growing. Four are cape sundews (capensis) and two are rosettes.

d. aliciae - a rosette form
 photo daliciae2.jpg

d. capensis narrow, red
 photo dcapensisnarrowred.jpg

d. capensis alba
 photo dcapensisalba2.jpg

d. tokaiensis - another rosette
 photo dtokaiensis2.jpg

d. capensis narrow, with flower buds. Yay! Seeds!
 photo dcapensisnarrowbloom.jpg

the alba, 6 minutes after being fed a thawed bloodworm.
 photo dcapensisalbafed.jpg

the whole tank - I recycled a retired 20 gallon long
 photo FTS0718132.jpg
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5 lined skink...

I was afraid the little sucker was drowning in my lily pot, but then I Googled them and found that they can hide underwater, holding their breath for several minutes, to escape predators.

 photo 5linedskink.jpg

The "dew" on sundew plants is the plants way of attracting insects that think they are in for a nectar treat. Very sticky stuff, that dew...Dinner, anyone?

 photo dewonsundew2.jpg

Professional gardeners and landscape companies call the blooms on hosta "insignificant."

But I never have...

 photo hostablooms.jpg

The journey is good.

Early morning in the garden is wondrous.
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I started two mini bogs for carnivorous plants.

Venus fly traps and sundews

dionaea muscipula 'low giant' (Venus fly trap)

 photo dionaeamuscipulalowgiant.jpg

dionaea muscipula 'King Henry' (Venus fly trap)

 photo dionaeamuscipulakinghenry.jpg

dionaea muscipula 'green dragon' (Venus fly trap)

 photo dionaeamuscipulagreendragon.jpg

drosera intermedia (sundew)

 photo droseraintermediasundew.jpg

Full pot

 photo fullpot.jpg

Sarracenias (North American pitcher plants)

sarracenia minor purpurea var heterophylla 'rubra'

 photo rubra060813.jpg

sarracenia x. 'Judith Hindle'

 photo Hindle060813.jpg

sarracenia leucophylla 'red ruffles'

 photo 060813.jpg

Full pot

 photo sarrfullpot.jpg
Sarracenias like to be waterlogged. Sundews and VFTs like very moist soil.

So the pitchers got their own bog.
The journey is good.

Nature's beauty sometimes is also found in killers...


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