Mar. 4th, 2013

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So I had this wonderful idea.

I have the 20 gallon aquarium, intensively planted. It has some wonderful schooling fish - tetras, rasboras, and corydoras catfish. They are all peaceful little fish - the tetras and rasboras occupy the midsection of the tank, and the cories are on the bottom, except when they race to the top for a gulp of air.

But I needed a top dwelling fish, and since the tank is about 89% stocked, this fish should be a contrast to the others in color.

My centerpiece fish. The piece de resistance.
I've been studying on this decision for a couple of weeks.

Making lists of fish that would work. In the end, it was a toss up between a dwarf honey gourami and a male halfmoon betta.

I've always loved the look of halfmoons. But they are - comparatively speaking - pricey bettas.

I pondered on the idea. If I got the gourami, and he had a bad disposition, would my cute little neons be in trouble?

And if I got a betta instead, I'd be rescuing another one from one of those nasty ass little cups.

I set out for Petco.
Came home with a gorgeous creamy white halfmoon male with some gray streaks in his halfmoon tail.

Put him in the tank. He swam behind the filter, hiding. I waited about 45 minutes and went to check on him. He was exploring the tank.

That was good.

And then it turned bad.

Meet Ivan the Terrible.

 photo Ivanin20gallon.jpg

In three hours, Ivan had cornered all 28 other fish in the right back corner of the tank, except one lone cory who was hiding out among the anacharis on the other side of the tank.

It took me 45 minutes to net Ivan.

My intensively planted tank has multiple plants floating. But that's okay - more plants are coming Friday, and I'm taking the anacharis out.

Fortunately for Ivan, I had a two gallon fish bowl, an extra air pump and an airstone.

I set him up next to Lucky.

Ivan wasn't crazy about the bowl.

 photo Ivannothappyinbowl.jpg

Lucky wasn't crazy about this new betta right next door.

 photo Luckynothappy.jpg

You can't heat a bowl. An airstone isn't a filter.

My $14 fish needed a proper home, even if he was Ivan the Terrible.

So, um...yeah.

 photo Soumyeah.jpg

Both tanks will get new and more plants on Friday.

With all three others.

Someone stop me, please...
The journey is good.



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