Mar. 31st, 2013

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Since I can't garden outside yet, I ordered some succulents to pot indoors from an Etsy seller.

From whom I will never buy another thing. But that's another story...

Part of the deal was - buy 10 potted succulents, her choice of a mix of 6. So that means you get some that are the same.

So I spent some time IDing the ones in her photo on her ad.

And wasted that time.

Because only 3 were any of the ones in her photo.
So now, I have spent some more time IDing what I actually got.

And this is where you come in...

First, let's start with the aloe I got from Lowes before I got the box of incredibly poorly packed succulents from the Etsy seller.

 photo Lowesaloe.jpg

Now, the rest are from the Etsy seller.

I think this is some sort of agave.

 photo agave.jpg

And I think this is a sempervivum.

 photo sempervivum.jpg

And I have no idea on any of the 3 of these, which I put in one pot (and may not oughta be in one pot). The largest one has a visible stem that I planted above the soil line.

 photo IDusethis.jpg

If you have suggestions, please comment.
The journey is good.

And it's even better when you can review an online sale...


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