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How I'd love to see if we can move the discussion back where it belongs on the raging debate on Obamacare, AKA the Affordable Healthcare Act." (Yes, I realize a heartbreaking number of people in the video didn't realize they were one and the same, but I have chosen my Dreamwidth friends carefully and presume that you all have an acceptable amount of discernment.)

That little commercial that the GOP is running now, with that woman bemoaning the government intruding into her healthcare? The one where she doesn't want to lose her doctor?

The poor confused thing - she must have been going to too many tea parties lately.

Because here's the deal for that poor woman, Bless Her Heart*...

1. You have insurance. You like your doctor. Come January 1, you need do *nothing.* Whether you've bought your insurance on your own or your employer is providing it, you've got insurance. Hooray! (You do realize that even under this scenario, honey, if you change insurance companies, your doctor might not be "in network?")


2. You don't have insurance, but you like your doctor and don't want the black guy in the White House telling you which doctor you can or cannot use. Either you:

a. Are using an ER doc, and are letting the rest of us pay for your healthcare either in the amount that can be written off and covered as a true emergency by the feds - shame on you for waiting to let us pay for a more expensive injury or illness - or we are paying for your uncompensated care with higher bills for our own. In either event, you are a lying sack of shit, and would probably have done that commercial whether the GOP paid you to or not; OR

b. Are independently wealthy, like your doctor and don't want the black guy in the White House telling you which doctor you can or cannot use. In that case, buy the stripped down, gutted out model of insurance, and if it doesn't cover your doc, keep on paying him out of pocket. No one on the other side of the argument will care, and besides, your accountant can use those insurance premiums to pad the healthcare expenses you write off your taxes at the end of the year anyway. I'm thinking all that medically necessary botox and lipo here, hun.

And since you don't have a dog in this particular fight (and I use that term loosely because the ACA has been upheld by the Supremes and is the law of the land), why don't you let the rest of us who do go ahead and sign up unmolested? (I mean, taking down the website on the first day of applications was a bit predictable wasn't it? I think you're losing your edge, if not your gall.)

Because this issue just isn't about you.

*Down here in the South, Bless Her Heart really means something altogether different.
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