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I guess they thought desperate times called for desperate measures.

In the dark of night on 30 September, the United States House of Representatives Rules Committee changed a standing House rule so that no one but John Boehner or his designee could bring up a bill or an amendment to a bill to re-open the federal government.

Watch Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D- Maryland) confront the Speaker's stand-in.

Appalling. The suspension of democracy in the United States House of Representatives.
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How I'd love to see if we can move the discussion back where it belongs on the raging debate on Obamacare, AKA the Affordable Healthcare Act." (Yes, I realize a heartbreaking number of people in the video didn't realize they were one and the same, but I have chosen my Dreamwidth friends carefully and presume that you all have an acceptable amount of discernment.)

That little commercial that the GOP is running now, with that woman bemoaning the government intruding into her healthcare? The one where she doesn't want to lose her doctor?

The poor confused thing - she must have been going to too many tea parties lately.

Because here's the deal for that poor woman, Bless Her Heart*...

1. You have insurance. You like your doctor. Come January 1, you need do *nothing.* Whether you've bought your insurance on your own or your employer is providing it, you've got insurance. Hooray! (You do realize that even under this scenario, honey, if you change insurance companies, your doctor might not be "in network?")


2. You don't have insurance, but you like your doctor and don't want the black guy in the White House telling you which doctor you can or cannot use. Either you:

a. Are using an ER doc, and are letting the rest of us pay for your healthcare either in the amount that can be written off and covered as a true emergency by the feds - shame on you for waiting to let us pay for a more expensive injury or illness - or we are paying for your uncompensated care with higher bills for our own. In either event, you are a lying sack of shit, and would probably have done that commercial whether the GOP paid you to or not; OR

b. Are independently wealthy, like your doctor and don't want the black guy in the White House telling you which doctor you can or cannot use. In that case, buy the stripped down, gutted out model of insurance, and if it doesn't cover your doc, keep on paying him out of pocket. No one on the other side of the argument will care, and besides, your accountant can use those insurance premiums to pad the healthcare expenses you write off your taxes at the end of the year anyway. I'm thinking all that medically necessary botox and lipo here, hun.

And since you don't have a dog in this particular fight (and I use that term loosely because the ACA has been upheld by the Supremes and is the law of the land), why don't you let the rest of us who do go ahead and sign up unmolested? (I mean, taking down the website on the first day of applications was a bit predictable wasn't it? I think you're losing your edge, if not your gall.)

Because this issue just isn't about you.

*Down here in the South, Bless Her Heart really means something altogether different.
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First, we had Mitt Romney telling Scott Pelley of CBS how he'd balance the budget.

Asked for specifics, Romney listed "the subsidy for PBS, the subsidy for Amtrak, the subsidy for the National Endowment for the Arts" and "the subsidy for the National Endowment for the Humanities."

Now, the Republican Secretary of State of Georgia, Brian Kemp, will close the state's archives building to make a required 3% reduction in his office's budget.

“The building will be mothballed, if you will. It will have just enough employees there to take care of the critical documents.”

Open season on public access to arts, humanities and public records.

Not just the brightest bunch...
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I got a call from my sis last night. She and my brother-in-law are being harassed by members of the Mormon church, under the guise of being "watched over" by a guy who fancies himself my brother-in-law's bishop.

My sister is not Mormon. As a matter of fact, my family's only contact with Mormons was on the first 9/11, back in 1857 at Mountain Meadows, Utah, where 17 members of our extended Wharton family were massacred by Mormons, and their bodies left to rot and be scavenged by animals after they were picked clean of their valuables.

Because they were "Gentiles," dontcha know? Leave it to what was then a sect, devised by a self-proclaimed 17 year old prophet in 1823, to shanghai a term used in Judaism for thousands of years...

I am especially irritated by their attempt to use their genealogical holdings to to baptize members of anyone's family in the Mormon faith, if they can get their hands on your database.

The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw this photo


in my morning paper in 2009 was whether as a quid pro quo for giving our President those lovely "five large leather-bound volumes...that detail his family history going back multiple generations covering hundreds of years," Monson had told Obama that all his family members had been baptized in the Mormon church.

So on the whole, my family doesn't hold much truck with Mormons.
My brother-in-law's family is Mormon, but as I gather from him, he has not been involved in the Mormon church during his adult life.

So when these people began showing up at their house a couple of years ago, my sister was initially polite when she turned them away, explaining she was not Mormon, and the person they were looking for was not at home.

Then, she had to get more insistent with them. She told them not to even bother ringing the bell if the little red truck wasn't there.

They kept coming. My brother-in-law told them to lay off - don't come back.

He even wrote them a letter saying that.

So they sent him one in return.


Isn't that a trip? A form letter. Kinda makes ya wonder why they need one of those, doesn't it?

Apparently, the letter my brother-in-law wrote isn't good enough.

He has to write a special letter, "requesting that his name be removed from the membership records." Unless he does that, they will just keep coming.
He says he's not going to do it.

Personally, I think Bishop Jonathan Flannery has been real lucky to date.

What his folks are doing is called criminal trespass and stalking in this state - I have no idea what they call it in Utah.

If they kept doing that shit to me, they'd be looking the wrong way down the barrel of a gun. Instead of looking out for my immortal soul, they'd need to be looking out for their very mortal asses.

Or talking to a couple of Little Rock's finest, who could outfit them with a pair of matching shiny bracelets, as they gave them personal escort off my property.

Down here in the South, we have a saying for that kind of crap.

That dog won't hunt...
The journey is good.

Beware of the wolves in sheep's clothing.

Cause we have laws about that kind of asshattery...
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About my decision not to renew my subscription.

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It would not usually be my custom to address this issue to you in a public forum, but alas, your people will not leave me alone.

Last Saturday, as well as today, I received a phone call from one of your subscription folks, earnestly pointing out to me that I have not renewed my subscription to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Although you apparently don't realize this, I am fully aware that I did not renew. It was not an oversight.

My failure to renew was one of those last straw moments, nurtured by decades of irritation that erupted into a calculated decision.

From your less-than-convincing protests in 1986 that you were not trying to run the Arkansas Gazette out of business, to your acquisition of the name to tag on to your newly formed "only daily statewide newspaper" in 1991, with its decided right-wing editorial stance, my irritation grew. Still, these were your choices, and as a staunch proponent of choice, I soldiered on. I maintained my subscription, even through the very lean financial years as a single mother.

In the last few years, I noted that the vast majority of the letters on your Voices page came from the religious right. As I stood back and looked, that page in your newspaper made it appear as if Arkansas was populated primarily by religious zealots determined to make everyone else in the state live, love, work and play by their own personal interpretation of the King James bible. (And where do you get those letters? Surely they are not the only ones coming across the editorial desk.)

The only representative of competing views - John Brummett - has limited page space in your newspaper. Perhaps that is by mutual agreement, or by his choice alone. Nonetheless, I found that your newspaper was less and less relevant to my life.

But the wrecking ball you heaved into our relationship came on June 1, 2012, when you published that letter to your readers announcing an increase in the cost of single issues of the newspaper.

Now why, you ask, would that affect me as a subscriber?

First, you failed to mention in that letter that you were not merely increasing the price of a single issue, you were doubling it. I have never been a fan of disingenuous announcements spun as heartfelt explanations.

Second, in your effort to entice non-subscribers to sign up, you failed to take into account that home delivery of your newspaper often isn't - as in the case of my parents, who live in rural Pope County, Arkansas, and have tried to pay for home delivery from you for years. For them, "home delivery" means a box on the highway several miles down the road, because it isn't cost efficient for you to pay a carrier to truly deliver to them (or their neighbors) at home.

Again, your choice.

And after I looked at your website to see if I - and they - could get a cut in the home delivery price if we had an online-only subscription, and found we could not, I made my choice.

Seriously, why should I pay you the same amount of money to cut out the carrier, the cost of newspaper and ink, and read the paper online?

I was already aware my subscription would expire on June 25.

I made a conscious choice not to renew.

I have now asked your people on two consecutive Saturday mornings not to call me again.

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

Not really - that's quite disingenuous. It will only become sorrowful if one of your folks awakens me again next Saturday morning.
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That must be why Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 does not have an auto out of office reply for email any more.

And why I just spent the last 20 minutes locating the help topics for it, and learning how to "emulate" the feature in the new and improved Outlook.

Which meant I had to create a template and attach it to a new blank text version of an email message.

I knew there were reasons I always hated Outlook. It's times like these when I am treated to clarity about the specifics.
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Seems the golfers and socker moms couldn't handle the flocks of Canada geese that made Burns Park their home for the last several years. They don't like bird poop.

So the North Little Rock City Council decided to waive that pesky no-discharging-firearms-in-the-city-limits ordinance and set a slaughter party for local hunters from December 20-22.

Uh oh.

Seems there were quite a few more folks who thought that was a bad idea. (Count me in.)

Some of those opposed set up a Facebook page.

Others - a whole bunch of them - wrote in, protesting the kill as inhumane. We are having a hard time seeing the horror in wildlife being attracted to a city park.

So North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Hays had a little change of heart. Last night, the City Council voted to "discuss alternatives to the hunt."
One of those alternatives could be the one chosen by the City of Little Rock to deal the flocks of geese at Rebsamen Park.

They use a herding dog, and report that it's quite effective.

So get this. Mayor Hays' City Parks Director says that's too expensive.

From the pages of Arkansas' only daily statewide newspaper today:
Having a dog at Burns Park would cost $3,000 to $6,000 a month.

Really?!? Do tell...

I have never, ever - regardless of breed - had a dog that cost me that much money.

North Little Rock has its own animal shelter - at Burns Park.

You do the math.

And the residents of North Little Rock ought to ask the Mayor and his erstwhile City Parks Director to do the same.
The journey is good.

But this irksome government math isn't.

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Today did not start well at the office. The IT guy and I had to mix it up first thing, because, well - yeah - when you install a Microsoft product on a computer, you have to use the product key to register and actually get to keep it after the first 30 days.

I told him he needed to come take care of that, because otherwise, I was just gonna X out the little box and get to work.

I had a deadline - so I pushed my office door mostly closed and got after it.
We all have availability signals in my office.

Mine are very easy to read, and everyone knows them.

Door open - I am working but not on anything time sensitive, so I can take questions, look up the stuff you should have bookmarked on your own computer, and help you out.

Door pushed mostly closed - I am working on something I need to get out, but it's okay to approach if I can answer your question while I am typing, and don't have to look anything up for you.

Door closed and latched - I don't care how many letters you have after your name, leave me the fuck alone.
So here I was, blowing along on another complaint against the Arkansas State Hospital, and had to finish and submit it today. Had great quantities of paper all over my desk, in chronological order...reading from various ones as I type.

My door was mostly closed but not latched. In my peripheral vision, I saw it ease open.

I looked up. In my doorway stood one of my co-workers.

I hardly even heard her question as I stared at her outfit.

She was wearing a sweater with a pair of blue jeans, and some gawd-awful khaki green balloon skirt thing over the jeans, ending in a pair of stilletto heels.

The woman is my age.

It was on the tip of my tongue to ask her if she had, in her search through her closet this morning, forgotten to take off either the jeans or the skirt, or if she was wanting fashion feedback from me...

I just came home and googled the get-up. The closest I could find was this fashion faux pas, which I think accurately labeled the problem.

Bubble bum.
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But I just don't like having extended conversations with debit machines at retailers.

One grocery store I go to (not very often) takes you through your paces.

Is this debit or credit?


Enter your PIN.

bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep.

Is the total correct?


Do you want it all on the card?


Do you want to donate $1 to [choice of three organizations]?


For gawdssake, just take my damned money...
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There was an article in the newspaper one day last week about some volunteers for the City of North Little Rock painting over some 50 year old commissioned panels on the floodwall close to the Arkansas River in Riverfront Park.

Naturally, there was a lot of back and forth about who was to blame...

For those of you who used to read me on LiveJournal, these will be redundant.

I still love them though, and am so glad I got the pics... )
Thankfully, the volunteers, armed with rollers and white paint, were stopped before they painted all the panels.

My news source says restoration should start soon.
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So, they made a 95 year old woman take off her adult diaper for their pat-down, and the TSA stands by its officers.

Okay folks, just when is enough really enough?
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Please schedule a call to disconnect my service.

The soonest I can be available for this would be this Saturday, May 14. I have equipment belonging to Comcast to return and am not going to wait in line at the Shackelford office to do it.

I came home to no cable access, no internet access, waited 8 minutes on hold with the call center, and was promptly disconnected after speaking with the agent for a few minutes (when she put me on hold to find out what was up with the service interruption). I'm not in the mood to queue up again.

I've recently purchased 4G service from AT&T for the internet, and several other services have been trying to get my TV business for several months now. I guess it's time to switch.

I'm hot, cranky and tired and just wanted to watch the news.

Here's my account number: XXXX


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