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I had to save it for my son.

Because I remember those days.

The days when you looked at that precious little child, and thought...

Go the f*ck to sleep!
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The second full day of my time off the job has begun - hot and humid.

Looking forward to some rain. I've been looking forward to some rain for about three weeks now.

Cycles...I was bitching about rain in May.
Sunday is the annual Callaway-Holder family reunion down in Clark County. (Or, Holder-Callaway, depending on which family you think got there first.)

My portable electronics and I are going to see if others will bring some information about our common ancestors to the reunion, so we can share with each other.

Families ought to share, dontcha think?

I'll also be taking cherry dump with me - a mixture of cherry pie filling, sweetened condensed milk and whipped cream. I think I'll freeze it so it will handle the hour long drive.

And a certain cousin is supposed to go along for the ride...
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Work, work, work...

I said I was not going to do office work this weekend.

Thursday, I emailed a video clip of some nastiness at the Arkansas State Hospital to the feds so they would have it for their upcoming visit on Monday.

While I was also converting incident reports for emailing to them.

And burning documents to CDs to take to a hearing to which I have been subpoenaed - on ASH.

They replied to say they had gotten the email, but their server had stripped the attachment, so could I just burn them a copy of the DVD and run out and overnight it to them?

Pissed me right off, they did. So I let them know by reply email.

That I am not their secretary and errand chick. And that I can give the surveyors the DVDs when they get here on Monday, because we ALL - ASH and I - know they will be here on Monday. It's not a secret, as much as they would like to think it is.

So now, I'll be delivering said DVDs to their hotel - tonight when they get here.

Shit. And all six other words George Carlin said you can't say on TV...
Got up to relentless heat yesterday morning - was already almost 80 degrees and very humid when I began my chores.

Along about 10 a.m., sweating like a fiend, I noticed the Sharpchick mobile had a flat on the right rear tire sitting in my driveway.

More Carlin words.

Called my handy-dandy roadside assistance folks to send someone to change the flat.

Naturally, he got lost.

And naturally, he was one of those guys who think women can't give directions.

I finally said, young man, I know where I am - you don't. This will be a whole lot easier for both of us if you will shut up and listen to me.

When he got here, he exclaimed over my essentially brand new tires and wondered how the tire went flat. Looked at me as if he expected an answer.

I suggested he change the damned thing, let me sign the invoice so he can get paid, and be done with it. My tire guys will tell me tomorrow how it came to go flat.

And look! he exclaimed. You have a real spare, not a I don't have to tell you not to drive more than 45 miles an hour.

Okay...I don't do donuts, thankyouverymuch.

And you don't have to tell me how fast to drive...
Did some major rearranging around the cottage - mostly of the piles of genealogy stuff...threw out a lot of paper because I found I had already scanned and transcribed it.

Lately, I look at the family history papers with an eye about how my son will look at them when I'm gone.

I think he'll be a whole lot more likely to hang on to the flashdrives than boxes and cartons of reams of paper.
About 7 p.m., all the windchimes in the garden began jangling.

I looked out the window. It was dark.

The patio umbrella and American flag were threatening to go airborne.

Ditto chair cushions on the front deck.

I raced outside, collapsing and securing said umbrella, and gathering chair cushions...stowed them in the cottage and went back for the flag.

Had just taken the flag off the mount when the most spectacular bolt of cloud-to-ground lightning I've seen in a while zapped close enough to me to feel it in my fillings.

I stood there amazed for a few moments.

Until I realized I was clutching a five foot metal flagpole.
The journey is good.

And you get a few more miles of it if you don't tempt Nature...

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It was another one of *those* weeks at work.

If you can believe it - and I have a hard time with this one myself - things are getting worse at the Arkansas State Hospital instead of better.

But the document gathering portion of the Medicaid fraud investigation is complete, and the Arkansas Department of Health is still on-site to see if the horrors I've described in my complaint to them warrant action against the hospital's license.

We continue to pressure Justice to come on down...

I got my subpoena for a TRO hearing from the attorney who has filed the class action against the hospital. June 16 is the day.

When my granddaughters were here last weekend while their daddy was on Grammy's roof, Jayden followed me into the woods to dump the wheelbarrow a couple of times.

At first, she was scared of the woods, so we went slow and I pointed things out to her - there's the nest for the baby cardinals in that shouldn't touch that plant, it's poison ivy...there's poison oak, and so on.

She was excited to discover a patch of honeysuckle in bloom, vines tumbling over each other in a riotous, scented mass.

Grammy, I can touch that one! I can even pick Daddy says so. Those are honey knuckles.

You sure can, Jayden...but I think you mean honeysuckle.

My Daddy says they are honey knuckles.

All righty then...honey knuckles they are.

Just had a visit from Comcast.

To pick up my equipment. The reason for my outage this past Tuesday was just as I suspected.

The tech doing the new install next door disconnected mine from the pole while he was installing the new service - my neighbor and I share a pole.

And the lead tech that Marsha sent out that night - there were two of them - couldn't wrap his brain around that possibility.

No...first he needed to rip through one of my perennial borders and get under my house to see what was wrong with my cable connection under the floor.

And was an arrogant SOB when I objected to that being his first course of action before he checked the connection at the pole.

I emailed Marsha - using my AT&T 4G, since I had no cable - while he was rooting around under the house and told her I was sending their damned equipment back with him, after he repaired his damage to my perennial border.

When he got out from under the house and went to check the pole, he then had to come into the house to admit I was right all along.

And was still a snotty little shit while he was doing it.

So I told him to go ahead and start unhooking the equipment, and to make sure and tell Marsha he was the largest part of the reason that $1,600+ a year just evaporated.

He refused.

Another email to Marsha to tell her to schedule that call for today.

And do not send Mr. Personality back to my house ever again.

Dish Network will be at the cottage for their install on Monday.

I was going to go with AT&T U-Verse, but I live literally on the wrong side of the tracks.

There isn't any AT&T U-Verse TV service out here. Although there is for part of my zip code...the part less than 3/4 of mile away from me, but on the right side of the tracks.

The chick on the phone for AT&T asked me to "keep checking back with them to see when it becomes available."

I laughed. She wanted to know what was funny.

I told her I figured that line was just part of her script, but I wasn't going to keep checking back, and the provider I selected would probably have a contract period similar to hers, so maybe AT&T ought to check back with me.

In a couple of years.

The journey is good.

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My son gave me an early Mother's Day present yesterday.

He came over and mowed, used the weedeater, raked and cleaned up around the garden.

Okay, I did not let him get into my perennials.

But still...

Then, he climbed up on the roof, got all the pine needles off (which necessitated using the blower and rakes again), and spread five gallons of Silver Seal on the roof.

I got to see my chicklets, too.

Water's still creeping up on land in 22 Arkansas counties.

This flood could well rival the Flood of 1927.

I've spent a lot of time in the garden this weekend.

Friday evening, I caught this guy chasing the hummers away.

The clematis by the front door must have loved being smothered with ice and snow this past winter.

Did a little reading of internet news and commentary earlier.

I cannot find it again, but ran across a political commentary about Sarah Palin that made me laugh out loud.

Taking off on her Twitter feed where she chastises the President for not making the photos of Osama bin Laden public...

You know, with his head practically blown off?

She says Obama should complete the mission. The commentator reckons how Ms. Palin knows a lot about completing missions - after all, she completed her gubernatorial term in Alaska in about half the time it's taken other Alaskan governors...

The journey is good.



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