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But I just don't like having extended conversations with debit machines at retailers.

One grocery store I go to (not very often) takes you through your paces.

Is this debit or credit?


Enter your PIN.

bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep.

Is the total correct?


Do you want it all on the card?


Do you want to donate $1 to [choice of three organizations]?


For gawdssake, just take my damned money...
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About three or four times a week, my next door neighbor comes over to bum a cigarette.

I really love her to pieces, and I *do not* begrudge her the smoke.

The reason she asks for the cigarette always gets next to me though.

Because her 40 year old, unemployed-because-he-is-too-disabled-with-diabetes-to-work son has her car and has not returned yet. (She'll start her second shift in her split at 7 tonight.)

Today, I just came out with it.

Well, what the hell's your boy doing leaving his mama without smokes?

She looked down at her hands in her lap.

"Well, he's right, I should have thought about it as I was coming in from my morning shift and stopped and got a pack before I got home..."

Then she looked up at me...whereupon I just came out with it again.

Or he could go get a job, buy his own ride and gas and insurance like his mama and the rest of us...Geez, when are you gonna kick his ass to the curb?
It probably will not surprise you that her son and I do not get along.

When we had our power outage on the hottest day in recorded Little Rock history earlier this month (or was it last? I can't remember), most of the neighborhood was outside when it got hotter in our homes than it was out there.

And I heard her son telling her there was nothing to the heat...that it was all in your head...she and the rest of us should shut up our bitching. Then he glared at the 7 month old child who was wailing in her mama's arms.

I guess the kid was disturbing his peace. So I disturbed it a little more, and asked him if all those people who die from the heat every summer - including a bunch of old folks who won't turn on their A/C because they can't pay the increased electric bills - was he saying they are all figments of our imaginations?

One day when his mama's not looking, I'll probably just go ahead and give him a swift kick in the ass...

Or maybe not.

I hear karma bites.
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It's been a family-owned Little Rock dining institution since 1946 - only about 3 decades after the annexation of the area of Little Rock known as "The Heights," in which it is located.

When I was a kid, my family went there as a treat. Until just a couple of years ago, you could still find the waitresses dressed in their pink uniforms with smart white aprons and tennis shoes, ready to bring your cheese dip and salsa to your table while you waited for the Saltillo Plate.

I have eaten many, many Saltillo Plates at Brownings. I was really upset to hear that it was closing.

New family owners - a pair of brothers - showed up, and promised everything would be the same.

And it was - for a while.

But it looked like Browning's had closed its doors for good.
I was surprised to hear of the planned re-opening of Browning's this past June. It was going to be the same, only better.

June came and went. So did July.

My sister, who had equally fond memories of the place, heard that it had re-opened this past Monday.

Tonight, she and my brother-in-law treated me to dinner there.

Well they wanted to, anyway.
The place was hopping when we got there right before 6 p.m. and took our little buzzer gadget that is now so in-vogue at restaurants. How long would we wait before a table was available? I asked.

About 15 to 20 minutes.

We went to the bar. I had a beer, and my sister and brother-in-law had two. We ate some chips, and all agreed that the old salsa was better than the new.

We repaired to the outside patio to smoke in the 106 degree heat. As we went outside, we squeezed through a crowd of folks at the hostess station, and I noticed four empty tables as we went out to the patio.

We finished our cigarettes.

It had now been 45 minutes since our arrival.

I took the gadget back to the hostess, and noticed that there were now seven empty tables, ready for diners, as I squeezed through the crowd.

I'm afraid mine isn't working, I said as apologetically as I could manage, and handed it back to her.

Oh! she said. Why do you think that?

Because I was told 15 to 20 minutes for a table and it's now been 45...

Truth time.

The kitchen was backed up and had told the hostesses not to seat anyone until they caught up.

We started toward the door.
On our way out, we met a man coming in. My brother-in-law, thinking to save him some time, told him to prepare for a very long wait.

It was one of the owners. My sister and brother-in-law pointed out to him he could have filled his empty dining tables with anyone who was willing to sit and drink while they were waiting for the cooks to get their shit together, and at least have pulled down some revenue in alcohol sales.

What he said to us by way of explanation for the cluster fuck ridiculous wait was in-fucking-credible.

Well...everyone wanted us to open early.
Translation: We're going to blame this on the Little Rock buying public, upon whom we are relying for our livelihood in the midst of a recession.

Two of our cooks didn't show up tonight.
Translation: My brother and I don't know how to cook Tex-Mex, and don't know where to look for hairnets and aprons.

Please come back again - when the weather is nicer.
Translation: We're hoping that by October, we can find our asses with both hands.
We ate a few blocks down the street at US Pizza. The people at two tables close to us had been in Browning's when we were there.

Epic. Fail.
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So, they made a 95 year old woman take off her adult diaper for their pat-down, and the TSA stands by its officers.

Okay folks, just when is enough really enough?
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Unless you have just endless time on your hands, and don't *really* need your car.

A steering column assembly doo-dad was needed on the Sharpchick mobile. My car guy ordered it - I heard him - by telephone, from Crain Kia of North Little Rock on May 31.

They told him it would be in on Monday, June 6. They failed to call and tell him that ~oops~ it was back ordered.

So I left my car on Monday night as planned and he found out on Tuesday morning.

Even with overnight delivery, I left my car guy's place with my car at 4 p.m. this afternoon. They kept on telling him the delivery guy was on the way.

This is the same Crain dealership whose loaner car I had for over 2 months back in 2006, because they didn't want to replace an electronic sensor on the Sharpchick mobile while it was still under warranty, and kept trying to get me to pick the car up without repairing it.

Guess who won?

Here ya go, Crain - free publicity.

Courtesy of me.
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Please schedule a call to disconnect my service.

The soonest I can be available for this would be this Saturday, May 14. I have equipment belonging to Comcast to return and am not going to wait in line at the Shackelford office to do it.

I came home to no cable access, no internet access, waited 8 minutes on hold with the call center, and was promptly disconnected after speaking with the agent for a few minutes (when she put me on hold to find out what was up with the service interruption). I'm not in the mood to queue up again.

I've recently purchased 4G service from AT&T for the internet, and several other services have been trying to get my TV business for several months now. I guess it's time to switch.

I'm hot, cranky and tired and just wanted to watch the news.

Here's my account number: XXXX


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