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Seems the golfers and socker moms couldn't handle the flocks of Canada geese that made Burns Park their home for the last several years. They don't like bird poop.

So the North Little Rock City Council decided to waive that pesky no-discharging-firearms-in-the-city-limits ordinance and set a slaughter party for local hunters from December 20-22.

Uh oh.

Seems there were quite a few more folks who thought that was a bad idea. (Count me in.)

Some of those opposed set up a Facebook page.

Others - a whole bunch of them - wrote in, protesting the kill as inhumane. We are having a hard time seeing the horror in wildlife being attracted to a city park.

So North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Hays had a little change of heart. Last night, the City Council voted to "discuss alternatives to the hunt."
One of those alternatives could be the one chosen by the City of Little Rock to deal the flocks of geese at Rebsamen Park.

They use a herding dog, and report that it's quite effective.

So get this. Mayor Hays' City Parks Director says that's too expensive.

From the pages of Arkansas' only daily statewide newspaper today:
Having a dog at Burns Park would cost $3,000 to $6,000 a month.

Really?!? Do tell...

I have never, ever - regardless of breed - had a dog that cost me that much money.

North Little Rock has its own animal shelter - at Burns Park.

You do the math.

And the residents of North Little Rock ought to ask the Mayor and his erstwhile City Parks Director to do the same.
The journey is good.

But this irksome government math isn't.

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It opened in 1917, in this location. It is housed in North Little Rock's oldest commercial building, which held two other pharmacies, beginning in 1887.

Who knows how much longer the Argenta Drug Company will be there?



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