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This sideroad on the journey - the one with the RSD - has turned, probably predictably, into a saga.

In which I pontificate... )
Every time I think things have toned down to a dull roar at work, I should know to get vigilant.

Because Something Will Happen.

Like the sexual assault - patient on patient - of a woman at ASH. A woman with developmental disabilities.

I am so tired of that kind of shit.

I don't care if it only happens every year or so.
The cottage felines have gotten used to having me in the house more often.

And the guys are getting positively canine-ish. They follow me around the house and settle within a few feet of me.

Bathroom included.

The female bettas in the community tank are as houseproud as Frick is.

You never know when a betta killer might
be disguised as a thermometer

The girls even brush against me - just curious, or asserting authority, I cannot tell yet - as I am vacuuming the tank when I do water changes.

The rasboras flee to the other side of the tank - in a shoal.
The journey is good.

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The week did not start well.

Listen to me blather on... )

The journey is good.

Sometimes, you just have to hang on for the ride.

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I wonder if the ad execs for Academy Sports would shit a brick if they knew why I save their ads.


They make excellent placemats for the felines when they eat canned food...

Such slobs.
We had to do some minor rearrangement to the decor for Frick (red crowntail male betta) and Frack (blue veiltail male betta) when they relocated to a 10 gallon divided tank.


They were spending all their time flaring at each other through the divider.

To the exclusion of all else, including eating.

I do not have 20 minutes each morning to stand in front of the tank, muttering, Heads up dudes...bloodworms coming down...

Betta are pigs when it comes to eating, in my personal experience.

So when they quit eating, they are too stressed...


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