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Call to the doc about results of blood work and effects of meds got me this:
Added B complex (my B12 is low);
Added 50,000 IU D2 once weekly for 12 weeks, recheck (my vitamin D is way low);
Keep gabapentin at current dose;
Up Lasix to 40 mg/day and see if it kicks the rest of the edema, maintain current potassium dose.

Interesting to me that this vitamin D deficiency is common among people with RA and MS, and they report greater pain relief when levels come back to between 40-50...
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Saw the new doc on June 14.

*Love* him. We can have actual conversations. He upped my neurontin, gave me some lasix for the edema (and potassium to replace what the lasix will wash out.)

I can see the bones in the back of my hand and am able to squeeze the ball much harder than in the past.

And tonight, I used my manual can opener to open two cans all by myself. I had to stand at my kitchen table, which is lower than my counter, and brace my left hand against my body, but I did it.

And didn't spill a drop...
Most of the special kiddos in my life have their birthdays in the spring and summer.

So I've been going to a lot of kiddo birthday parties, listening to squealing, screaming, and watching them stuff themselves full of sugary, calorie laden treats.

I can wipe a few mouths, indulge a few kids, commiserate with their parents, and then -

Go home.

I love the grammy role.
Work is still a major source of stress in my life.

At the end of each work day, I get my [very hot] car, exhale deeply and start the A/C.

Then, as I drive home, I visualize all that toxic bullshit collecting in a cloud and exiting through my exhaust system. The cloud gets fainter and fainter the farther I drive.

As I approach my driveway, I envision the circle of white light surrounding the cottage. I pay attention to the flower beds as I walk up the sidewalk, and pause if I see a hummingbird on the feeder.

Then I open the door to my sanctuary. The tension leaves my shoulders and back (in part, because I put my purse down), and I smell the comforts of home.
The journey is good.

It's so wonderful when you learn to let go.

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Woke this morning feeling stuffy.

While friends and acquaintances were sniffling, sneezing and snorting their way through the yellow haze of tree pollen weeks ago - we had a mild winter and an early spring this year - I was fine.

Must be the grasses...
No real chance of rain in our immediate forecast. Drought, anyone? Unless we have a really topsy-turvy summer, I feel we will have an early drought (and no,'s not summer yet, it's late spring - check your calendar for the summer solstice. Or better yet. get in tune with nature's cycles...).

I just filled the birdbaths again. I have one on a pedestal for the wee titmice, chickadees and the like, and one on the ground for the doves.

Because doves look so awkward and ill at ease perching on a pedestal bath. They need to drink and bathe, too.

The viburnum is loaded with small berries left from its blooms.


The birds probably do not care. For the most part, birds live in the moment, taking food and drink where they can find it. If they cannot find it in their own range, they will look farther out.

Seems there are lessons in that...
My four day weekend has been lovely. Productive where it needed to be, and restful where it did not.

It has given me time to look inward, in a season where I customarily am too busy to do much of that.

I've mused about how RSD has changed my life - in large ways and small.

Last night, I dreamed I curled my left hand into a fist. When I woke, my fingers were trying, but no dice...

This morning, pain and burning are about a 5. I just made multiple trips from garden hose with a one gallon pitcher to the bird baths - pedestal bath takes 3 pitchers, ground bath takes five.

Because the effort of unreeling, stretching and re-reeling the hose was just too much energy.

And during those trips back and forth, I realized ~again ~ that RSD has taught me a valuable lesson.

It - whatever it might be at the moment - is going to take as long as it takes.

And in those extra moments, I have time to observe. See and experience things I might otherwise overlook in favor of just getting a thing done.

As one might expect, some of those observations are about me...
The journey is good.

As is looking within...

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Having jettisoned (or been jettisoned by - I think it depends on your sense of timing) the neurologist with the god complex, and failing over the course of five weeks to be able to find one who can see me in any reasonable amount of time, I backed up and reconsidered.

I'll be seeing a general practice physician on June 14 who has a reputation for appropriate referrals for the management of pain, as well as listening to his patients and engaging in actual dialog.

Catch me please, as I swoon...One of the things I need him to do is continue my prescription for physical therapy.

In the meantime, I still have one refill of neurontin at way too low a dose to treat neuropathic pain, but I take it anyway to maintain my blood level, because I intend to ask the new doc to increase the dose and we'll see if I'm one of the 30% of people who get any relief from it.

I continue to research alternative therapies for pain and edema, trying some which, even if they don't work, still won't hurt me.

You wouldn't believe what some folks do... )

The journey is good.

It's even better if you stop long enough to take it one step at a time.

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This sideroad on the journey - the one with the RSD - has turned, probably predictably, into a saga.

In which I pontificate... )
Every time I think things have toned down to a dull roar at work, I should know to get vigilant.

Because Something Will Happen.

Like the sexual assault - patient on patient - of a woman at ASH. A woman with developmental disabilities.

I am so tired of that kind of shit.

I don't care if it only happens every year or so.
The cottage felines have gotten used to having me in the house more often.

And the guys are getting positively canine-ish. They follow me around the house and settle within a few feet of me.

Bathroom included.

The female bettas in the community tank are as houseproud as Frick is.

You never know when a betta killer might
be disguised as a thermometer

The girls even brush against me - just curious, or asserting authority, I cannot tell yet - as I am vacuuming the tank when I do water changes.

The rasboras flee to the other side of the tank - in a shoal.
The journey is good.

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The week did not start well.

Listen to me blather on... )

The journey is good.

Sometimes, you just have to hang on for the ride.

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It's been six and a half weeks since I wrecked my car, and a little over one month since my surgery to fix my badly broken left wrist.

I've officially joined a new club. I'm now a member of a huge group of people no one wants to be affiliated with.

People who have chronic pain disorders for which there is no cure, only the hope of remission.

I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Those are two very fancy ways of saying that, for some unknown reason, my sympathetic nervous system has sent the nerves at the site of my fracture into constant, screaming overdrive.
For all the specialists I've had to see, it is my physical therapist who is my hero.

Any of you who want to wander down this path with me, look behind the cut. )

The journey is good.

There are no coincidences, but there are some tough lessons along the way.



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