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Amazing to me that so many of my personal tarot readings wind up with me represented by the Queen of Swords - either as a significator, or she comes up in the "what's hidden?" position of my three card readings...

It's not amazing that she represents me - except that her elemental correspondence is air, and my astrological elemental correspondence is water.

But she really is me.

Visually, she is a no-nonsense kinda gal - not the romance and floating kind of visual affect of the Queen of Cups (water), or the opulent and earthy appearance of the Queen of Pentacles (earth), or the poised on the edge, ready to get up and go redhead who is so often the Queen of Wands (fire).

Nope - by and large, most tarot decks illustrate the Queen of Swords as a dark haired woman (or she's gray but you can tell she used to have dark hair) with a deeply piercing gaze, and that sword - always at the ready to carve you up.

left to right: DruidCraft Tarot, Morgan Greer Tarot, Buckland Romani Tarot

Someday, I'll tell ya the story I spun about her when I first started reading and encountered her...and then looked over at my mentor, and in unison, he and I said...

She's Dee...

The journey is good.

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I'm usually a grounded sort of person. I have my routines, know what needs to be done when, and what can be set aside for later.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've had a vague sense of suspension - kind of drifting...hanging in the balance. I've gone about the routines, but they didn't seem to give the same satisfaction.

I pulled out my Romani tarot deck today and drew three cards (and another from the bottom for What's hidden?).

I drew the 9 of Koros (Cups), Judgment, and the Fool.

Interesting lot, those are...particularly the order.

The 9 of Cups is about storing up for future time of need - noting impressions of emotion and intuition, and not necessarily acting on them at the time, but storing away the impressions for future need. It can also be indicative of storing away tangible things for the same reason.

Judgment is a card that signals impending change - one that involves leaving something old completely behind and stepping out into something new. In this draw, it is followed immediately by the Fool - the archetype of new beginnings and new paths on the journey that are taken on faith when reason cannot explain why.

These three together indicate to me that a major change is headed my way, and I need to be ready for it.

What's hidden/
The 4 of Chivs (Swords)

A reminder that my readiness also needs to include solitude to take the time to look within - where the 9 of Cups shows me the need to have my physical, emotional and intuitive storehouse ready, the 4 is telling me to make sure I have taken the time to prepare my mind.
The journey is good.



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